When moving through Hell, keep pushing…

Don’t let the title fool you, I have no beef or animosity with the Emerald City.

In fact the city is so picturesque and a healthy green I feel at ease when I look out over the skyline….that is, I feel a little at ease.

I moved out here back at the tail end of March and I’ve been surviving for the most part. I’m fortunate to have found a job in just a month and I have been able to keep a roof over my head in the form of hostels and hotels. Needless to say being a Taurus I don’t handle uncertainty well, so I’ve been rather stressed out over the past month.

I’m not hear writing to bitch about things as I have done in the past in some form or another. I’m hear writing to say I’m still standing…hobbling, sure…but still standing. I came back to the west coast to officially make it in being an artist and to finally be in a place I feel comfortable.

Since leaving NYC, I’ve had time to think about what I’m doing and what I’m trying to produce in my comics. I’m still trying to articulate it fully but I know I’m done second guessing. I’m itching to finally get an apartment proper so I can jump back into making comics.

I know this post is lacking a bit on the Seattle imagery, but don’t fret come the next post I’ll have a lot more pictures to post…….and hopefully an apartment 0_0


Chapter 1, Finally Complete!!

After a long process the first chapter of Walk of Life is complete and uploaded on the blog for you guys to read.

Currently I’m still in the process of moving and finding a permanent job in Seattle so a physical copy won’t be available for the time being but please click the link below and enjoy the story of Sami. Terry and the gang.

Be sure give a like if you enjoy what you’ve read and feel free to leave a comment on what you like or what you didn’t, it all goes toward making a better product for you the reader!!


I sit here still prepping for the big move to Seattle.

I know this will be the final destination for me; ups or downs, successes or failures I’m not leaving that city once I get there. It is scary making this move, but it is for my career and for my dream.

I guess this is what people call a leap of faith because I honestly have know idea how this is going to turn out. Before I’ve just kinda coasted…California, Tokyo, even back to NYC I never really had a worry about how I would end up. Maybe on one hand it was because of a parental financial security net? (I was in my 20s, tbh) and maybe on the other it was because I was younger and that feeling of invulnerability was in full effect.

Either way all those roads led to this. I was stressing a lot since I’ve been home, mainly because of money and from the last post dealing with family drama. But after watching a lot of videos on leaps of faith on Youtube and a last minute surprise from a supportive family member, my stress is starting to subside a bit. Of course it would be nice if I was sleeping on a slightly comfortable mattress compared to a fold out couch in this second bedroom…but beggars can’t be choosers.

I did say a long time ago I would stop writing personal blog entries and try to keep it closer to art posts but seeing how I’m horrible at regular updates outside of my IG feed, I guess all bets are off. So I’ll try keeping with the last post and up a sketch along with a blog post and see how you guys like it.


Family Matters

Long time since I just made a normal post.

There’s a lot that has been happening and the big thing is making a move to Seattle. About a year or so ago I made up my mind to move to the Emerald City in hopes of finding a decent job and to better pursue my artistic career goals.

Fast forward to now and the opportunity has shown itself. Even though I have money saved up, I’m quickly discovering it’s not enough to cover my own personal bills AND booking a room for a large extended period of time. Another lesson I’m learning is that outside of my mother it’s difficult to trust family.

Even tough I’ve never sold drugs, got a girl pregnant at a young age or even messed up my parents’s finances, I still get gossiped about amongst family members and treating like some ungrateful child by my father. Which followers of my comic Walk of Life will know the basis of George Vance (Sami’s abusive father) is my own pop.

I don’t mean to write this a a wince fest but some times it’s good to vent by writing your feelings and gripes out…and as an artist the sad motto of “Pain is good for art” rings too true. (Learned this at a young age from the TV show, “Caroline in the City”)

Finding a job in Seattle to get me back on my feet doesn’t worry me. It’s having enough funds to cushion the blow of student loans, etc. that worries me. It’s times like these I wish I had a solid Patreon to fall back on but sadly my popularity ratings is still to low to have one that makes an impact :\

Guess I’ll cut it here before I start rambling even more.

But since this is an art blog I leave you with a recent(-ish) watercolor illo of a character with worse father issues than me:


New Galleries!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted last. Life and what-not, but I have been updating here and there it just never counted as a main blog post. So when I go to update my galleries I’ll be sure to have a follow-up post here in the main blog section to alert when I update the galleries.

In any case, I just added a new gallery with all of my sketch card illustrations so be sure to check here to go straight to the gallery.

And the current comic I’m working on, “Walk of Life”, can be found here. I know that WordPress isn’t the best host for a comic without all the proper plug-ins so once I finish chapter 1 I’ll look for a decent host so it will be easier to read.

Sorry if this post comes off a bit rushed but with getting pulled in millions of directions it’s a bit hard to find time to sit and make proper posts. Of course I’m making plans to correct that come 2017, so please bear with me….

Ghost of A Chance

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine for quite awhile, a lot’s been going on as I’ve tried to focus on what I’m really trying to say and put out there to represent my work.

When there are so many artist out there doing the same thing it gets a bit tough to make yourself stand out of the pack. But I know I just need to get back out there and keep posting regular blog entries like I use to do. Luckily with INKtober just a round the bend maybe I can get back into the groove of updating in a more regular manor.

In any case, below is a small 4 page sample of my (hopeful) artist submission to Dark Horse. I know it’s a bit light, but I was never one to do super dark pencils when laying out a comic. I completed these pages earlier this year but maybe be cause of fear or hesitation I never submitted them. I hope to make that drop them in the mail before the end of next month.

Wish me luck!