I sit here still prepping for the big move to Seattle.

I know this will be the final destination for me; ups or downs, successes or failures I’m not leaving that city once I get there. It is scary making this move, but it is for my career and for my dream.

I guess this is what people call a leap of faith because I honestly have know idea how this is going to turn out. Before I’ve just kinda coasted…California, Tokyo, even back to NYC I never really had a worry about how I would end up. Maybe on one hand it was because of a parental financial security net? (I was in my 20s, tbh) and maybe on the other it was because I was younger and that feeling of invulnerability was in full effect.

Either way all those roads led to this. I was stressing a lot since I’ve been home, mainly because of money and from the last post¬†dealing with family drama. But after watching a lot of videos on leaps of faith on Youtube and a last minute surprise from a supportive family member, my stress is starting to subside a bit. Of course it would be nice if I was sleeping on a slightly comfortable mattress compared to a fold out couch in this second bedroom…but beggars can’t be choosers.

I did say a long time ago I would stop writing personal blog entries and try to keep it closer to art posts but seeing how I’m horrible at regular updates outside of my IG feed, I guess all bets are off. So I’ll try keeping with the last post and up a sketch along with a blog post and see how you guys like it.



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