Family Matters

Long time since I just made a normal post.

There’s a lot that has been happening and the big thing is making a move to Seattle. About a year or so ago I made up my mind to move to the Emerald City in hopes of finding a decent job and to better pursue my artistic career goals.

Fast forward to now and the opportunity has shown itself. Even though I have money saved up, I’m quickly discovering it’s not enough to cover my own personal bills AND booking a room for a large extended period of time. Another lesson I’m learning is that outside of my mother it’s difficult to trust family.

Even tough I’ve never sold drugs, got a girl pregnant at a young age or even messed up my parents’s finances, I still get gossiped about amongst family members and treating like some ungrateful child by my father. Which followers of my comic Walk of Life will know the basis of George Vance (Sami’s abusive father) is my own pop.

I don’t mean to write this a a wince fest but some times it’s good to vent by writing your feelings and gripes out…and as an artist the sad motto of “Pain is good for art” rings too true. (Learned this at a young age from the TV show, “Caroline in the City”)

Finding a job in Seattle to get me back on my feet doesn’t worry me. It’s having enough funds to cushion the blow of student loans, etc. that worries me. It’s times like these I wish I had a solid Patreon to fall back on but sadly my popularity ratings is still to low to have one that makes an impact :\

Guess I’ll cut it here before I start rambling even more.

But since this is an art blog I leave you with a recent(-ish) watercolor illo of a character with worse father issues than me:


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