New Galleries!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted last. Life and what-not, but I have been updating here and there it just never counted as a main blog post. So when I go to update my galleries I’ll be sure to have a follow-up post here in the main blog section to alert when I update the galleries.

In any case, I just added a new gallery with all of my sketch card illustrations so be sure to check here to go straight to the gallery.

And the current comic I’m working on, “Walk of Life”, can be found here. I know that WordPress isn’t the best host for a comic without all the proper plug-ins so once I finish chapter 1 I’ll look for a decent host so it will be easier to read.

Sorry if this post comes off a bit rushed but with getting pulled in millions of directions it’s a bit hard to find time to sit and make proper posts. Of course I’m making plans to correct that come 2017, so please bear with me….

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