INKtober Week 4


Hello Friends!

I hope you all had a good Halloween.  I didn’t post up an INKtober gallery last week because the way the month fell I figure it would be best to put the remaining images all together in one final post.

I completed the initial story I wanted to do but because I miscounted how many pages in my sketchbook so I had to use 3 extra paper samples from Stillman & Birn to finish off the month.

(*hint* *hint*So if they’re reading I could use another sample pack……………………………………pretty please)

This year’s INKtober felt a bit weird compared to last year.  On the positive side I made a new friend thanks to Behance and viewing her work inspires me to keep pushing, but on the downside, situations in my personal life stressed me out and I don’t think I was able to really get into the zone like I did last year.  Funny enough in the last 3 days of the month I felt that creativity come back and I felt myself experimenting with the Stillman & Birn papers. Which I’ll give a quick rundown below…

Day 29

The image to the left was drawn on the Zeta paper sample which is the same paper I used in the sketchbook to draw the INKtober story.  I love how this paper is heavy but smooth so I can play around with inkwash or just have a basic ink drawing. With Days 28 – 30 I was trying to emulate Arthur Adams inking style….I have a very long way to go, but I think I got a (very) basic handle on it from using just the Zeta type paper.  This paper/sketchbook, I feel will be my default from this point on.  I’ve gushed about this sketchbook before so I’ll move on before I have to change my pants.

Day 30The mermaid image on the right was drawn on the Beta paper. Same weight as the Zeta (180 lb/270 gsm) but with a cold press texture, i.e. better for watercolor or water-soluble media. Like a dunce I used tech pens and my nibs on this.  It came out OK but in all honesty don’t use fine point pens on this type of paper because you get frays and small skips.  The texture is fairly light so brushwork comes out pretty OK.  It’s really not a bad paper, just not my cup of tea, but perfect for those more interested in practicing watercolor or mixed-media work.

Now on the flip side the pumpkin image below was on the Delta paper, pretty much the same as the Beta but with a light iIvory tone.  Where I didn’t like the Beta too much I like the Delta for this fact.  I do want to practice more with textured paper but I don’t want to play with stark white.  So this sketchbook may be my back-up once I finish off my current Kona book.

Well hopefully this little review in addition to the final INKtober illustrations make up for the lack of a post last week.

Now with INKtober over it’s time for me to get back to the groove of comic creation and submissions. No rest for the wicked, huh?

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty!


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