INKtober 2015 Week 3


Hello Friends!

Little under 2 weeks left!

For this year’s INKtober I’ve noticed that I haven’t fully been living up to the ideas of the event.  True I’m starting to dabble more in doing inkwash but I don’t think I’m pushing it to where I hit a new level compared to last year where I felt a very big difference in my inking technique.

In images like Days 17-19 I was getting there but for images like Day 16 and 20, I feel like I’m still stuck in a usual rut.  I think on one hand it comes from not totally learning about the materials I have at my disposal and the tools necessary to achieve a desired image in my head.  On the positive side though I am getting more use to the Stillman & Birn books and I’m feeling more energized to play with their other book types once the month is over.

In any case, I still have another two weeks to go so here’s to breaking out of the rut and passing a plateau!


‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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