Being Basic


Hello Friends!

Another week, another post of sketches.  But this time there’s no real theme except for the fact that it’s all figure drawing sketches.  I’ve mentioned before in previous posts I don’t really like drawing licensed characters all the time. It’s fun and sometimes good to test yourself to see if you can draw your favorite characters from time to time, but I don’t feel you learn much if you’re always drawing Batman or Spider-Man in your sketchbook or as finished illustrations.

And yes I know this is rather ironic given I create sketch covers and draw sketch cards with licensed characters.  But it is true when you are starting out that it’s a sure-fire method to get people to take the time to look (and possibly) judge your shit because you drew whatever the current hotness is. Although you should never stay down that road if you really want to test yourself and grow as an artist.  Drawing the web-head or shell-head may bring in some cash but it could also stifle artistic growth.

Which brings me to today, the drawings above are mostly me getting back into (trying to use) conte crayon and branching out more with model sketching.  Since I don’t have regular access to a model (or a supportive girlfriend (T-T)) I use the site to find reference models to sketch either at work (nude filter on) or at home (nude filter off).  It has been very helpful… a degree.  See, a lot of the photos on quick poses are good but the clothed photos look like they come from magazines or a ballerina studio.  Which is OK for full body poses but for feet why is there a “nude”/”non-nude” option? Shouldn’t it be called “With shoes” or “Without shoes”?  Needless to say I’ve used the site so much I’m starting to see some of it’s limitations, but still a great resource if you want to practice on the go.

The white page sketches on the other hand were drawn at School of Visual Art’s free (for alumni) model session.  It was great to finally be able to draw with a live model after so long.  I just need to bring the right pencils with me for next time.

Figure sketching is a lot like kata for martial artists, as visual artists we need to do it a least regularly to help reenforce how to draw the figure and to build up the muscle/visual memory. And from doing it a lot it will build up your speed and understanding when it comes to placing shadows and muscle contours.

Well for any new artists starting out be sure to take a look at Quick Poses and take a few minutes to work on your figure drawing.  It will definitely help in the long run!

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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