Slight Burn Out

Hello Friends!

There wasn’t a post last week because I was working on trying to put the last bits on Code Basis Vol 1.  And it seemed like my body knew I was getting to the finish line because I was insanely tired throughout the week and not too inspired as shown by the trickle of sketches.

Well with the first volume done I now have a bit of free time to work on other projects and get caught up with others.  I also have a bit more wiggle room to talk more in-depth about the art tools I use and just general goings-ons which I do feel has been one of the areas that’s been suffering on my blog since I started doing the webcomic about a year ago.

See, proper webcomics are essentially the new gen version of daily strips and Sunday funnies so they require a large backlog of strips/pages to be effective.  Multi paneled action stories can be done in this format too, but they really need to be planned out almost to the letter to take advantage of audience, format and location….things I wasn’t 100% prepared for (?).

I envision Code Basis (as well as Walk of Life) as comic books, not comic strips, so I think it’s been effective in a way that I luckily I was able to end each page in a way that makes you want to keep reading from week to week but I don’t think I ended in a way that makes it cohesive as a book if you sit and read it in one go, so I will have to sit down and read it over to see if I need to make any minor transitional fixes; don’t worry I won’t Lucas anything.

In any case with INKtober only a week and a half away (and NYCC) I can’t wait to see if my inking skill will jump again like it did the year prior.  So stay tuned for some exciting new pieces to be posted!!

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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