Week of Bleh


Hello Friends!

I guess you can call me Barry Allen since lately it seems I can’t get this stuff up on time.

The past week has been quite m’eh since my day job’s been rather annoying and couple that with a lack of proper sleep and my energy levels fly right out the window. Creatively I think I’m ready for the next big project which will most likely be INKtober unless I get off me lazy bim and start that MPAA piece.

I know I said last week I was going to do more action-y poses but being annoyed and tired put me in a bit of a horror kick, as seen in the Lovecraft image.  That image, well page, was two days of just fucking around. From that though I can see that I might need to start taking my time with the daily sketches now.  Maybe a quick 1-2 minute warm-up sketch then something meaty.

I do know I need to see if I can blend all of my tools together properly and do more mixed media pieces.  In the WIP, I was using the Derwent pencils mixed with the Faber-Castell PITTs.  In the figure’s pants I got a really nice blending to where it matches the lights and shadows of the source image.

I think I’m pretty bleh and all over this place in this post because I’m just tired.  It’s been a long week and it doesn’t help I’ve been around a lot of annoying things zapping my mojo, so maybe by resting this weekend I can start next week a bit fresher.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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