It’s A Sweet (Faber) Education

Hello Friends!

The format of today’s post may seem a bit off  it’s because I’m doing it as a mobile post. My scanner died and now I have to either use my printer’s scanner or my phone, so apologies if the images look a bit futzed.

In any case this is the end of me using the COPIC sketchbook and I gotta say it was a good book. A bit over-stuffed because when you flip the pages they don’t fold over smoothly. A plus though is that because this book used a Paris type paper I got to see how that paper type acted with a lot of the regular media I use. Also I finally understood how to use Faber-Castell pens more effectively.

I probably wrote about this before but since those pens use an India Ink base solution they won’t mix like markers so you really do need complementary colors to get the blending perfect (as even in the blonde haired character design below). The Faber pens are also better for quick sketching as opposed for deep detailed work (in my opinion, of course).

Maybe once I get some more money I can get a proper set and really go to town.

Also I started to learn how to use my brush pen for quick sketch studies. It’s a really good way to train your hand to be both steady and light, if you have a brush pen I recommend that you give it a go.

‘Til Next Time

Stay Frosty


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