Three Ice Users Walk Into a Bar…


Hello Friends,

After a long while I finished the Elsa illustration. It took so long because I was busy with other projects and being a bit lazy. This piece was my attempt to create an Arthur Adams style illustration. I think it’s one of my stronger inked pieces and if anything would make a really great print to sell at cons.  I’m still a ways to go before I can hit Adams level of inking but I think this makes a really good starting point.

I would like to do a Jean Grey image but I need to complete a lot of commissions first before I start another big illustration like this one. I hope you guys enjoy it and for the illustrators out there if you have a Behance page feel free to add or follow me –> Behance.

Tools Used:

– Strathmore 300 11″ x 17″ Smooth Bristol
– Speedball Illustration/Sketching nibs
– Tachikawa G & Japanese Model nibs
– Kuretake ZIG Sumi Ink
– Matchsticks
– Compass with Ruling Pen

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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