Hello Friends,

I hope all had a great ‘Murica day. My plans for this extended holiday went a bit belly up as I’d planned to mainly stay at home and get caught up on past projects. Of course when you live with a lot of people you tend to get swayed by popular opinion.

So this might be a short post since I’m still feeling the effects of last night and am in real need of rest.

This past week found me doing more figure drawing with the art stixs but mostly in quick sketches. The Prismacolor sticks are really good for doing this I’m coming to notice. Especially on smooth paper they really glide, I’m kind of curious how they would act on textured paper and the effect I would get.

I’m also noticing how I’m drawing noses now, I can see myself adding a bit more definition to them, well at least in some of my later figure drawings and illustrations. Which is good, because it means I’m loosening my style a bit and I’ll be able to play more with it.

Well art breakthroughs aside, I can fell the effects of last night still bubbling up, so I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th and see you back here next week.


‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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