Art Stix Harmony


Hello Friends!

Equality Bitches!!
Equality Bitches!!
First off for the LBGT members of the audience, congratulations! I’m happy that love and peace won the day and we’re a bit closer to true equality. There’s still more work to be done though, but at least it looks like the ship is finally getting back on the correct course.

Social Justice news aside, this week I’ve been playing around with the Prismacolor Art Sitxs as well as my usual Derwent pencils. Prismacolor Art Stixs are described as harder pastels but really it’s just a pastel type stick of the innards/pigment of one of their color pencils….which is not a bad thing. Given the sturdy nature of the Stixs, they can have many uses from laying down a lot of color for a colored pencil piece to broader sketching.

Prisma ArtStixI used them for the latter, it felt freeing almost like how I used my conté crayons. I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t grab a sepia or sanguine color because when it comes to working with figure drawing or quick sketching with broader strokes I’m noticing I prefer to use earth tones. But I opted for the black Stix so now I’m stuck with it until it runs out. C’est la Vie…the Stixs are not that expensive (maybe $1.50 max) so if I wasn’t lazy I could just go back up to Blick or DaVinci and grab another.

Now I have talked about the Derwent Drawing pencils before and mentioned at how much they rocked, but I was really blown away as I used them in conjunction with the Art Stix during some figure drawing sketches. They blend ok-ish with the Art Stix but given the dark color they really add a pop to certain drawings. Well worth the money to pick up a set of the earth colors for sketching purposes. It may look a bit light from the scan but I’m also thinking that it’s from the type of paper I’ve been drawing on.

I think once I finish this sketchbook I’ll have finally found all of the proper penciling tools I’ll want to continue to work with from here on out AND the type of sketchbook I’ll want to primarily work in.  It’s always a great feeling when you finally understand something in art and are ready to explore more of it’s possibilities.


‘Til Next Time,
Happy Gay Pride!!


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