Hello Friends!

Last week was pretty rough, not only did it seem like everything was distracting me from working but with the recent situations in SC and the ensuing posts, articles and opinions about it in my personal news feed, I’ve just felt emotionally drained and exhausted.

It’s very hard to work when you are in a state like that, even harder to find someone to bounce ideas off of and get what’s on your chest out. Although I’m not gonna use this article as my own psychiatrist couch so I’ll just swing back to the art.

I was mostly working on character designs for Code Basis this week  and trying to redevelop a character I had created long ago, who he is I won’t tell yet but it is interesting to see how well the Derwent pencils work on the COPIC paper, especially on the character’s pants. Now I want to try them more with figure drawing and realistic drawing in the future.

The image of Jubilee happened by accident as I wanted to see how the PITT pens mix with each other. If anything her jacket came out great with the yellows but I think maybe the blue I was using was dying because you can see way too many of the strokes.

Oh well, live and learn.

Overall I think the Derwent pencils have become a permanent staple of my tool kit and I’m pretty excited to use them more in the future. Here’s hoping next week doesn’t put me through the emotional wringer though.


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