COPIC Sketchbook


Hello Friends!

Apologies for no post from last Sunday but with me going to back-to-back cons for the last two weeks my schedule (and wallet) have been beaten to a pulp.

In those 2 weeks I’ve put a bit of a hiatus on the Hand-E book and cracked open my old COPIC sketchbook I’ve had for a year and a half now. The paper in this sketchbook is a smooth all purpose paper that can handle various media, although I would advise probably not to do deep pencil work as the paper is really smooth and wouldn’t pick up a lot of the graphite for tonal work.

As the name implies this book is mainly to be used with markers but as you can see above it can handle itself well with other materials.  I will say though when using maker be sure its a light application or have a sheet of paper or thin bristol under the page you’re working on because it will bleed through. So far I’ve burned 3 pages by accident.

This is a problem given that to properly work with COPIC you have to add several layers and if it bleeds after one layer of saturation, this can make you regret dropping $16-17 bucks for the book.

As for the work from this past week (well, “weeks”) I’ve mostly been working with character studies and playing around with what the book takes and wont take. It is freeing to finally work again on a larger size but now comes the time where I need to think about what I’m drawing and how am I using my sketchbook. I have touched on this before in earlier posts but it is a recurring issue in many artist’s minds.

I guess these are things I’ll figure out when I’m at my desk, but one thing I am noticing is that now that I’m getting a bit better with my drawings it’s taking me a tad bit longer to work on them. If that’s good or bad I’m not sure but it does add into an interesting theory about speed and ability.

In any case I hope you enjoy the art from this week and see you back here next week.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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