Hand-E Book IV

Hello Friends!

I didn’t do as many sketches this week because I was preparing more stuff for the start of Code Basis Chapter 3, but the sketches I was working on were more practice with media I think are going to be my bread and butter going forward.

With the face I tried to only use my Tachikawa pen but as I said last week, I’m starting to see the weaknesses of this pen but I wanted to most see if I can do a convincing ink sketch without any build up.  I really liked how it came out, even though it was supposed to be Liam Neeson I think it still came out great as just a profile drawing. I added a filter from my iPhone to see if I could give it a taste more personality and success!

IMG_1528As for the other two images, I think it’s not surprising or new to know that I’m a fan of most things Japanese so last Sunday I attended the annual Japan Day festival in Central Park.  It was really fun to be back in the Japanese vibe of things.  I just wish it wasn’t so hot. While hanging out with a few friends I was able to snap a few shots of Fuji Hana and members of AKB48 (they had a small concert towards the end of the festival).

IMG_1531They area though where the Fuji Hana were hanging had some interesting twisting vines and really cool compositions for drawing/painting. A few days later I did a sketch from one of the photos I took and I guess it got me in a Japanese floral mode because I wound up doing it again for the Cherry Blossom sketch.

Man, this country, there must be some deeper connection…or maybe I’m just a recovering weeaboo :\

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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