To Be The Best…



Hello Friends!

Success, for some it feels like it comes quite easy while for others it could be the struggle of a lifetime. Especially in this generation…with the advent of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc it seems that the road to superstardom is easy as ever.  Lately it seems that all you have to do is sneeze or pour a bucket of ice water and BOOM success, but the question is is that true success?  Sure you’re the talk of the town for awhile but you become more infamous instead of famous.  Very few know how to parlay that into something truly successful.

But that’s for the people who get their 15 minutes and quickly burn out.  But I ask you dear reader what about real success?? Real success is dirty, real success is hard, it never comes easy and NEVER comes when we want it to come. You will be told you can’t do it, you will be challenged, shit will never be fair and at times those closest to you may walk away because you are going down a road they can’t (or won’t) follow. This, my friends, this is the cost of truly following one’s dreams to become successful.

The truly successful can look back on the road they’ve followed and can say the road was hard and painful but arriving at the destination was well worth it.  If you are someone following a dream or trying to achieve a goal, let me give you some advice:

1) Do NOT compare yourself to others – The dream you have is yours; not someone else’s. Their ups/downs and what-have-you’s are not directly linked to your dream. So don’t look to them as a blueprint, learn from how they move but don’t move to that particular groove.

2) Be realistic/flexible with your deadlines – Saying I’ll be rich by 24 is fun, but look at your situation and be true to your heart. If you can be filthy rich by 24, great, but if you can only save $1000 by 24 that’s great too because you can apply that new focused mind to achieve the success you want.

3) NEVER GIVE UP – It sounds cliché but never EVER give up. People may laugh, mock or even tell you to quit. Don’t listen to them, you will always be your worst critic so don’t let others compound the situation.  If they want to rain on your parade, just smile, get an umbrella and keep partying. Our time on this planet is too damned short to allow others to infect it.


As a comic artist and an artist of color, I’ve had it rough chasing my dreams between money woes, horrible jobs and dream stealers yet I kept going. I know what my endgame is and I’m not stopping, so I ask you faithful reader if you take away anything take away this: Success, true success, will never come to the weak. It takes courage to say I’m doing this no matter what the cost.

So fight on friends! Be courageous and fight for that success!!

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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