Hand-E Book III

Hello Friends!

Another week, another post but this time I’ve started to take time and work on inking.  I’ve finally sat down and started reading the book Drawing & Painting with Ink by Fritz Henning that I had picked up from my horrid time working at Strand and began to really take a look and focus on how I ink my work.

My inks have always been at an OK level but since I’ve started to take the time out to really study how I put down ink lines I’m really starting to see a difference, not only in my daily sketches but also in one particular piece I’m currently working on (updates are posted on my Instagram *hint* *hint*)

Now since my sketchbook works are pretty much on the go I don’t have access to my regular nibs and ink, so what I use is the Tachikawa School G refillable pen it does what I need it to do BUT I’m really starting to see it’s limitations.  I will need to step it up a bit and buy a proper fountain pen for my travels.

In any case I feel from this past week I’ve hit a new level as I’m starting to think more illustrator wise and less like a comics artist which at first may sound like a bad thing but when you sit down and really think about it many of the greats (Kirby, Eisner, DeCarlo, Romita, etc) all had a great illustration sense that also contributed to their works, so now I’m interested to see how this new “awakening”(?) will affect the layouts on future Code Basis pages.


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