Cover Up 2015 (Jan – Apr.)


Hello Friends!

With my move to Queens only a week or so away, I don’t want to start a new sketchbook just yet because my focus has been a bit off lately.  So instead I decided to up some of the sketch covers I’ve been working on this year.

Since last year I’ve wanted to experiment more with how I go about working on the covers, for example with the Dejah Thoris cover I wanted to try using ink wash and I think the yellows on her jewelry popped pretty well but the downside is that the type of glossy paper that Dynamite uses on their blank covers is not friendly to a lot of mixed media.  I couldn’t use marker and I had to be careful in case the ink smeared. I think given the hurdles it came out pretty well, although in the future I won’t work on a Dynamite cover until they change the paper.

For Grayson and Green Arrow the paper quality is on point, so with those I tried to take a few cues from Adam Hughes and follow the steps he usually lays out in his tutorials at cons and interviews. As you can see in the Grayson cover I was still wrapping my head around combining the warm grays with the flesh colors so there might be a few heavy splotches in some areas. But over all I think I did a pretty good job.

Green Arrow took the longest because I decided to pull what I learned from doing the Grayson cover but also switched from inking with brush and pen & ink to all brush and only using a tech pen on sharp lines like his armor or leg belt. I think the shading and blending came out a lot better on this cover and I think all the figure drawing I’ve been doing over the past few months have finally started to click.

I’m a little ticked that since I had to move and everything I couldn’t have one more cover done before April finished to have an even 4 for 4, but that’s life.  In any case, enjoy and see you back here next week.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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