Strathmore Final


Hello Friends!

A bit of slim pickings this week but with good reason because after 10 weeks, this sketchbook is finally done!

Now I won’t waste time reviewing this book since I’ve done my fair share of that week’s prior but what I will say as my final verdict on this book is that this book is good if you are trying to get a feel for toned tan or if you wish to do more experimentation with pencil or chalk pastel work. Personally, the texture of the paper doesn’t really tickle my fancy but I can see it would be perfect for others.

Even though I wanted to rip out my hair from time to time with this book, at the end of the day I was challenged to make something work when I was given lemons. I think through this book I’ve learned more about adapting and finding work arounds…..also that Sanguine is my new blue pencil.

With that said things are going to be quite busy for me over the next couple of weeks with my move to Queens coming up so hopefully I don’t miss an upload day, but luckily that’s why God made Instagram, right?

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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