Strathmore IX


Hello Friends!

I only have a few pages to go before I’m done with this book!

When you work in a book you don’t like it tends to feel like you’re going on and on forever. Although in the bad you can find some good, for one, I was able to get a better understanding of Conte and discovered a new brand of pencils I love. And to tie it all together, I’ve learned to let go a bit more when sketching, most likely due in part to the Sanguine pencil I’ve been using.

To eat up pages I’ve mostly been doing studies of hands, feet and muscles nothing too serious but quick 5 minute challenges can burn a couple of pages AND is a pretty good test to see if you’ve been paying attention to your flaws and trying to work through them. Hands I’m slowly getting better with but feet are still undiscovered country and muscles seem to come naturally the more you draw the body, or at least from my own personal understanding.

See dear reader, improving in art is not just drawing your favorite character or thing all the time. One must draw or work with the unfamiliar if they want to get better. Personally speaking I know I am nowhere near the level of my idols but I am seeing my own flaws and as I’m correcting them and building upon that correction I can see that my own style is developing…or, well, becoming more crystalized, I should say.

Here’s hoping I can finish this book by next week. I’m really antsy to go back to white paper and tryout this new book I picked-up.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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