Strathmore VII


Hello Friends!

Yet another tiring week!  Between preparing for a move to Queens, work, the hustle & bustle of NYC life AND my webcomic duties, I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately so I’ve been feeling the effects of it all this week. I can’t seem to focus or I’m too antsy to get to something else.

The sketches above are the result, now I’m not saying they are bad due to a lack of sleep but there are little things in each of them that kinda rub me the wrong way.  Things I could have caught or fixed in the underdrawing. The constant tiredness of the past week has really made me make a few mistakes. Again, nothing super major but it boils down to those little self-criticisms that every artist runs into face first.

In any case I do like how colors pop on toned paper, I’ve been working in conte and pencil for so long I forgot how cool and fun adding spots of color and ink to an image can be on this type of paper.  The colors used are a combination of Faber-Castell’s PITT pens and Copic marker while the line work is done with tech pens and the Pentel pocket brush pen.

I’m still feeling a bit run down so I think I’ll cut it here, hopefully I can finish this book before my birthday in April rolls around.  I would like to get back to playing on white paper again soon.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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