Strathmore VI

Hello Friends,

With the weather changing here in NYC, I must be becoming a bit more energized because I’ve seemed to have pulled myself out of the funk I was in over the past few weeks.  The result of which has been me trying out a few new things.

I’ve done away with using a 2H pencil as my layout pencil and started to use the Derwent Mars Earth or Sanguine pencil for layouts.  They may not hit the line exactly as I want but given how soft they are they do tend to glide across the paper and help block in shapes as seen in the Spider-Gwen sketches and the model in the center.  The Derwent pencils really are something, I’m not sure how they look on white paper but I like the options they give me with sketching in a tan book.

The last 3 images made me really wish for a more textured book (I know I’m wincing about that again but bear with me).  I wanted to see if it was really all in my head and if I was just spoiled by the Kona book, but as situations would have it I wasn’t going crazy.  As I was working on Captain America I really felt how this book was holding me back from being able to blend properly.  I was able to get some blending, but mostly when it came to the darker areas.  I was able to chip my conte crayon a bit and use the granulation but in the end it made more of a mess to clean up and ate up more drawing time since I would have to stop earlier than normal to clean up my desk (remember a lot of these are done on my lunch break at my day job).

I still haven’t become a fan of Strathmore’s tan sketchbook but I understand many people use it and it’s one of the more readily available ones in a lot of art stores. Actually I think it’s the ONLY one besides the Borden & Riley Kraft paper pads and Canson’s Mi-Teintes pastel pads. I’m pretty surprised other companies besides Strathmore and Global Art Materials haven’t made field sketch type tan sketchbooks.  I guess demand isn’t as high since working on tan or gray paper is kind of intimidating at first glance for some artists newbie and veterans.

If you guys know of any other companies that make tan books leave a comment below.  I would really like to experiment with different types!

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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