Strathmore V


Hello Friends!

Looks like I’m still rolling with the Strathmore Tan.  Not that it’s a bad thing but with all the wincing I was doing weeks prior, you’d think I would give up and go home.  But that wouldn’t be fair to you, the fair reading public or myself. I still feel like I’m moving slow through the book but I think in that slow momentum I’ve come to use the Derwent Drawing pencils a bit more similar to how I use my non-photo blue pencil for Code Basis (and more specifically the Terra Cotta pencil as a substitute for my Sanguine conte).


In the Sanguine sketches above that’s actually the Derwent pencil and not my usual Conte pencil. I have to say I’m really enjoying the Derwent pencils, they come in a lot of traditional colors that you would use in figure drawing (more earthy tones & some shades of the primaries and a few secondaries) and they are much softer than conte pencils (think the softness of the Pierre Noire pencil that Conte sells).  I really like how they move across the paper and blend quite nicely. Honestly it’s like you get the color of pastel with the softness of a 2B pencil, which I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the logic behind creating these.

So now I have a set of conte pencils and their equivalents in the Derwent brand. This could prove to create something interesting if I play my cards right.

I wonder how they would turn out on a black paper sketchbook….

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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