Strathmore II


Hello Friends!

Wasn’t too sure how I was going to do this post as I wanted to also up the watercolor project I was working on from last week as well, but since I had more tan images than white paper images I figure I would push that one to next week and post up the images from the Strathmore book and talk a little about that.

The Strathmore toned sketchbooks are quite nice and affordable for those looking to try out tan or gray paper without dropping considerable bank on a fancy book. For me personally though, I’m not a big fan.  Compared to the Kona book the paper is a bit too smooth for my taste since I like to mostly use chalk pastel and colored pencil with tan paper. From trying out both books I think I’ll consider the Kona book as my main tan book from now on but that of course doesn’t mean I’m going to stop from this point on with the Strathmore book.

From the Felicia (cat girl) image above the paper does take colored pencil in a nice way to make images look softer, but again given the paper being smooth it takes more pressure to get it darker and with Prismacolor pencils being soft and buttery that can kill a bit of the pencil. I’m still having fun with it though and I’ve started to try out using conte drafting pencils to mix in with the usual graphite and working on drawings that go outside of familiar comfort zones, so in the end I believe thats the more important factor.

But I still miss my Kona book.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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