Zeta III


Hello Friends,

It’s been a pretty tiring week and with me trying to move past the plateau stage of my development there’s been a slight trickle when it comes to gaining a bit of inspiration for drawing ideas or ways to execute them.

Such is the case with the images above, but one thing I did learn (besides the fact my skills with wet media are getting better) is that I’ve caught myself up with trying to finish sketches during my lunch hour.  Like with Groot a few weeks ago, I need to take my time with pieces and learn to flow organically with how the drawing is developing. I think this is the secret to breaking the plateau I’ve hit.

I see it proven true with the image of the runaway girl (who she is, I’ll explain at a later date) but with that one I was getting into a groove with how I was painting it and when I was at work I knew I was going to ink it after I laid the color down, but once I finished the painting stage at home, it looked stronger how it was at that point and I thought the inks would have killed it.

So with that understanding and better resolve, I’ve decided to test myself and see how much I’ve learned from doing all these watercolor sketches for the next sketchbook page. It should be interesting.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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