Cover Up


Hello Friends!!

What!? 4 posts in one week??!!

That’s right, it’s a bit delayed but I wanted to put together this gallery of sketch covers I worked on from last year.  2014 was pretty rough for me but I was able to do a lot art wise and from that I was able to do 5 covers, and one of them sold during the Motor City Comic Con!

It was my first big sale and really pumped me up, not to mention the amount of sketch cards I was able to sell.  I wished more of my comics sold but what I learned from that convention was that I need to build on my presentation. Which is something I’m going to work at this year.

In any case I hope everyone enjoys the covers (sorry if they look a bit dark, scanners hate COPICs) and I promise no more posts until Sunday.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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