Find Me!

Hello Friends!

Seems for once I’m able to do another post that isn’t a collection of sketches or the webcomic.  Lately it’s been a bit tougher to do random posts like in days past because I’ve finally succeeded in finding a purpose for my blog.

(Yeah it only took close to four years, but better late than never)

WallySince then, I’ve been slowly making changes to my various webzones and how I post things as it can be a bit overwhelming in this new digital age to properly manage so many social sites.  Once I get everything to how I want it to look I’ll be sure to let everyone know which of my profiles are for what but here’s a quick run down:

– Blog: Main hub for everything; Collection of art tool reviews, daily sketch compilations and of course the home of my webcomic, Code Basis.

-Facebook (Twin Tails Press): Main social network site; News about cons mostly, but also an easy way to contact me if you wish to say hi or comment on any of my art.

-Instagram (@fawkestrotart): Outlet for on the spot daily sketches, works in progress, insight into how I work and also another handy way to get in touch.

-Twitter (@ZSharpe84): ……yeah, honestly I suck at Twitter, so it mostly just works hand in hand with my Instagram.  If you contact me there I’ll get back to you and be very receptive but don’t expect me to have any deep insights or get into Twitter wars.

-DeviantArt (fawkestrotart):………..Ugh, I HATE DA.  I think it mostly benefits younger crowds (like Jr. High to High School) and already established pros but that isn’t to say it’s not a good portal to at least have something on.  Currently I’m still upping stuff sporadically, but yeah not my favorite site.  Still trying to figure out what to use it for.

-Tumblr (?): Coming Soon

So yeah these are all the sites I’m currently using to get my name out there.  As for shops to sell my artwork, that’s another hurdle I’m working on crossing. Everything in due time, I guess…

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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