Daily Sketch Super Mega Dump


Hello Friends!

2015 begins with not one, but two sketchbooks!  I wanted to continue working with toned paper and check out different types of paper so I picked up a Strathmore toned tan book a week ago and I finally unwrapped my Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook, and figured why not work on one when I’m bored at home and have the other with me in my travels.

Between the two, I LOVE the Zeta book.  The paper is so damn smooth and takes ink like a boss! As you can see with the girl in pink image, it does wonders with watercolor and is S class when it comes to ink studies as seen in the Groot image. I never fell so instantly in love with a sketchbook.  I have to sometimes watch myself because a one point I was burning through the pages and I knew I would finish it before the month is up. And at $20, I want to take my time with this book.

I’m still trying to feel out the Strathmore tan paper book because the paper is a lot smoother compared to the Kona book and it doesn’t work with colored pencil in the same way so I’ll have to adjust my strategy when working on pieces in it or even screwing around.

Both books are fun to work in but I won’t be able to know fully their strengths and weaknesses until I finish with them.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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