Kona Final

Hello Friends!

And a most happy 2015 to you all.  With 2014 behind us, this is the time for new experiences, new risks and new rewards.  I’m not sure what all of your resolutions are but one thing I’ve learned in years past is that if it is very important for you to achieve that particular promise to yourself, DO NOT TELL ANYONE!

You see dear friends, even though our loved ones and well wishers may want the best for us and to see us succeed, they (like ourselves) are human and sometimes when they hear you spout off a new goal or mission for your life that may go against the grain of what you normally do or even their perception of you a little bit of judgement can pop in their heads.

Now I’m not saying it would be something like, “Why are you trying to lose weight, tubby?!” or “What do you mean you want to travel, you know you’re broke!” but the natural worry and concern that they could develop might work against or trip you up.  So at this important junction in your resolutions don’t tell anyone until you enact and/or get into the groove of making your resolution a reality because by then everyone will naturally notice or you’ll be so confident in achieving your goal you won’t even care and pull a Taylor Swift and shake off whatever worry they may have or unintentional negative comment.

Anywho, resolution advice aside, New Year’s Eve marked the end of me working in my Kona tan paper sketchbook (bringing 2014’s sketchbook completion to a total of 5) and I think I’ve now found the type of sketchbook I’ll use from now on.  The paper is so super mega awesome that I wish I’d put down the bank to pick up a larger size to play around with.  The paper is from recycled coffee bean bags (which is pretty ironic since I’m addicted to coffee) and it had a pretty cool texture that makes it great for color pencil and pastel work as many of you saw in earlier posts. Pencil also glides on it pretty nice and it’s really fun to blend on it, although I would say it’s easier to blend on the Strathmore tan books given they’re a bit smoother but that’s a critique for another day.

I honestly can’t wait to get another one of these books and go to town in it with more figure and color studies but for now it’s time to go back to white paper and crack open a sketchbook I’ve been waiting literally a year to use.

Stay tuned…

‘Till Next Time,
Stay Frosty

If you want to pick one up for
yourself  and test drive it you can
purchase one from here


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