Kona IV

Hello Friends!

I hope Santa brought everyone what their hearts desired.  As for me I was spending Christmas nursing a headache due to a lack of caffeine.  I’m a horrible coffee addict and on my days off I try to limit myself, but that day the usual withdrawal headache came early and stayed all day.

It was a pretty big bummer, but I did get to stay in bed and catch the LEGO movie, and now like the rest of America I can’t get “Everything is Awesome” out of my head.

In any case as you can see from the sketches and drawings this week I’ve starting getting back into using inks. It’s very interesting using inks and markers on toned paper.  Over the week I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos of other artists explain their methods and uses when it comes to this type of sketchbook and it’s really cool to see how they work with this kind of sketchbook.  Moreso than any of my other sketchbooks, I find myself using this book to practice more with figures and faces.  I would do more but the size of my sketchbook limits what I can fully do given the space.  I am working with colored pencil more and given this book has a bit of texture to it I can really experiment with layering color which pays off a lot when doing shadows.

I have only a few more pages in the book so on the next post I’ll break down my thoughts on this book overall and the tools I used.

See ya in 2015!
Stay Frosty

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