Kona III

Hello Friends!

I have to say the Kona sketchbook is really fun to work with. I kind of wish I bought a bigger one way back when, but I do like the challenge working small gives me.  Speaking of challenges, since I’ve restricted myself from not using ink during last week I really started to feel the gears spinning when it comes to using pastel pencils and colored pencils.

You can see a bit of this understanding developing if you start from the top left image and work your way down to the wizard image.  The Kona books have a bit of grain to them that I just found out last night that the Strathmore brand doesn’t.  I really want to pick up one and test out the difference.

Well I still have a couple of pages left in the book before I finish, so I think I might lift my ban on “no inks” and see how that makes my brain work.

As always I hope you enjoy these little compilations.  Be back next week to see what gets put to page.

Happy Holidays,
Stay Frosty


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