Kona II


Hello Friends!

Toned paper sketchbooks are one of the more tricker types of sketchbooks to work with because you can use less and gain a lot more in terms of depth, color and possibilities.  I’ve had this sketchbook since April and regular readers will remember I posted drawings from this book earlier but back then I was only using a china marker and not really “caring” so to speak.  I was still getting my feet wet and honestly didn’t know what I was doing.

Boy how one can change in a couple of months.  After finishing the last sketchbook I’ve decided to give this book another try.  It’s been a tricky couple of weeks to get a groove going and familiarizing myself with what this paper has to offer.

To challenge myself I decided to take away my crutch of using ink and brush pens to act as my blacks and picked up some PITT pastel pencils from Faber-Castell, conte pencils and colored pencils from Prismacolor as my main supplies going forward while working in this book.  I’m also cutting back on drawing licensed characters since it’s really easy to not have to think about how to do shadows and highlights on comic or animation characters since it’s already sorta done for you. Now I know I’ve drawn some in this batch, but I was still getting a feel and old habits die hard.

Although going forward, no licensed characters! Life studies or gesture drawings until the end of the book. So I hope you enjoy the next few compilation posts.

‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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