Hello Friends!

I wish I could say I was original when it came to this idea but like everyone else I saw the Age of Ultron trailer and was ready to see the new Avengers sequel the next day.  By now everyone knows the song played during that trailer was the “I got no strings” song from Disney’s Pinocchio but played in a more dark sinister way.

Well it’s been stuck in my head and I decided to use it to try and experiment a bit with doing a quick little horror comic in my sketchbook featuring Disney’s little puppet.  I used the same rules as INKtober of one sketch per day and gave myself the limitation of using only the trailer quotes (slightly edited to fit Pinocchio) from Ultron. Posting it initially on my Instagram, I tried to use as few hastags as possible to avoid tipping my hat at what the project was about. I wanted the reader to have a sense of creeping dread and wonder “what the heck is up with Pinocchio?”

Did I succeed? I think I did, but art is very subjective so I leave it to you dear reader to decide.  Enjoy!



‘Till Next Time,
Stay Frosty

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