Daily Sketch Compilation 4 – New Book (kinda…)

Hello Friends!

I bet some of you were waiting for this as this week I’m upping the new sketches I’ve done since completing my sketchbook last week.  The book I’m working in now I’ve had for about as long as I’ve been living in NYC (about 4 years) but I didn’t get serious about using it until about a few months ago when I was testing out using PITT pens for the first time.  So in a sense this is a new book, but it isn’t at the same time.  In any case the biggest sketch was the watercolor Iron Man.  Iron Man isn’t my favorite hero but I’ve always been partial to the Modular Armor since it was used in the old UPN 90s cartoon and it was the first Iron Man suit I saw so yeah I had an itch to draw it and I wanted to test out the sample swatches of Daniel Smith watercolors I got months ago.

Now by no means am I a watercolor artist but I am just taking a swing at it from time to time after watching a lot of my friends and former co-workers at the art store work their magic.  I have a pretty basic set, it’s the Koi set from Sakura of America (the makers of the Micron pen); you can see it behind the first Iron Man image.  It’s a good set for beginners and isn’t too expensive.  It’s a good training wheels set to get your feet wet (no pun intended) but now that I’m getting a good feel for it I might have to set it up a bit.

Hope you enjoyed the sketches and be here next time to see what I draw next!



‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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