Daily Sketch Compilation II

Hello Friends!

Not a lot in the way of sketching this week since I have only 2 or so pages left in my sketchbook, so mostly I’ve been taking my time with the last few sketches.

Both images I used pictures of Harriet Sugarcookie as a reference model.  For the Witch, the overall pose and, um, “features” and for the Goth girl mainly in the way of glasses and hairstyle.  I like pin-up art and was trying to bring a little of that in to my work.  But with only an hour for lunch, I kinda doubled down and rushed with the body positions.  Although with the Goth, I’m trying to build it up a little bit better with details and trying to get the proportions right. It’s actually a double paged drawing but by Friday I only finished the first half. I might have botched the fingers though.

With the Witch, I was practicing more with the Faber-Castell pens.  They are really good and I highly recommend them if you’re doing field sketching and just need to throw down 2-3 colors but don’t want to drop the loot for COPICS or a decent watercolor set.  They do mix, but not as great as COPICs and depending on the paper they may burn through or at the least pull up the paper a bit.

Well I hope you enjoyed the art and here’s to another week of drawing and sketching!!


‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty

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