So We Left Of At…

Uh, hello…? Anybody still out there??

Well if you are still reading, thank you. I’ve been neglecting this blog worse than a red headed stepchild. Mainly because I’ve been working a lot on my comics and other original artwork.

That’s one of the unfortunate downsides of being an artist, regular writing may not be the strongest suit. In case many of you have been wondering, I’ve been doing a crazy about of day job hopping (not by choice mind you). For those of you that have been with me since day one you will know that this blog was initially started when I was fired from one of my graphic design jobs years ago. This blog has provided a great outlet and focus for the various frustrations, silly thoughts and random artwork that I do.

Actually in the months that I’ve been MIA I’ve been seriously wondering what my blog should be about; hell I even thought at one point to just cancel out the whole damn thing and start over. But then that wouldn’t be fair to any of you dear readers, so instead I’ve decided to have this blog be the flip side to my artwork. Whereas my Facebook page and Instagram page showcase my artwork and daily life pics (minus selfies of course), this blog will be the chronicle of the highs and lows and the ups and downs of what it takes to be a cartoonist….well a cartoonist whose broke worse than Batman’s back :\

If you’re willing faithful reader lets see what insanity will come me way


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