“Flash! Select Your Heroes!!”

Hello Friends,

And welcome to the penultimate edition of Sketch Card Sunday! We have arrived to the final card of this run and looking at the requests I got….with were a big fat goose egg (;_;)….I took it upon myself to try to do something cool for the final card.  So for this final one, I’ve created a combo card!

But given that it takes a bit to do the colors right, I’m breaking this up into two posts.  Today I’ll give you the first half and tomorrow I’ll give you the second half.  So no more waiting, here’s part 1 to the final card!

Ryu & Megaman vs.......??
Ryu & Megaman vs…….??

That’s right we’re going fighting game with it.  The opposing team is about 50% done so I’ll need you guys to hang tight until tomorrow.  Enjoy today’s card and I’ll see you on Monday.

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty

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