CON-nected pt. 3 (A Walk of Life prequel)


Roy, huh? Yeah I remember him. How could I forget? He was Sami’s first love. That weasel affected all of our lives in such a way I doubt we’ll ever forget.
Like Sam, I met the bastard at that hokey charity event.



Yep I was there with Susan Vance. At the time we were dating, actually Suze was my first for a lot of things. See, long story short I met Susan in high school close around the time I met Sami. Susan is older than Sami by about 3 years and by a year from me. Suze was already attending Twilight Tech University, and on her way home from class she would pick up Sami from our high school. Needless to say I tried to make my move when I first saw her. Maybe when we’re young we feel adventurous and want to play with fire.

She shot me down of course but after trying and failing repeatedly she finally agreed to go out and we started dating.

My god this woman was such a firecracker! I still remember her touch, the smell of her hair………I-I’m sorry…

Roy, right…to this day I still don’t know how he got on the guest list of that event. I know, he’s a con man so he probably greased the wheels in some way.

This guy walks over to Sami and starts chatting her up. Samantha Vance, forever the tomboy…she never really was one to be the object of a man’s affections so this suave dude coming up to her really took the poor girl for a loop.

So she brings him over to meet me and Susan grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I didn’t feel anything sinister coming from him initially…honestly the dude oozed charisma like loose toothpaste.

Heh, if I was gay I’d try to make my move


Oh, don’t look at me like that!

What I mean to say is that Roy has this air about him that either demands attention OR makes you fall to his way of thinking. I swear if he was part of the X-Men his codename would be Charm. I’m not sure why but Roy took time out to talk to me and get me to play along to his song. I still think back to all of that and kick myself for falling into his game.

He didn’t care about any of us. He only used us as a means to get to some of the Vance money. And the way he played with my best friend’s heart! I will tell you this….if I ever, EVER see that limey bastard again….

….I WILL kill him….


Stay tuned for the 4th and final part to the Walk of Life prequel story, “CON-nected” where we hear from Sami’s older sister, Susan’s POV and find out a bit more about our mysterious new character, Roy.

(Missed a part? Click here for part 1 & click here for part 2)

Wanna read more about the characters of Walk of Life? Click the image below to pick up a copy of Episode 1 and learn about Sami, Terry, Maria and all of the inhabitants of Metro City.

sami nrml promo
Episode 1 available now;
Episode 2 coming late summer 2013

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