Trained To Fly Like Birds….

Hello Friends!

It’s Sunday and you know what that means….



Bird, Fly!!
Bird, Fly!!


Today’s card is of the leader of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, G-1 Ken the Eagle!  Of course if you’re like me and remember watching it when it was owned by Turner and called G-Force you’ll know him also by the name Keith.  Either way Gatchaman is so friggin’ cool, I still don’t know why I never did an image based on the team before.

Oh well, you guys enjoy this week’s sketch card and I’ll see you guys next wee—oh hang on a minute……I only got 2 slots left until this run of sketch cards is complete!

So I’m opening the choice to you dear reader, leave a comment below or hit me up at the usual webzones to let me know who you want to see me draw for the final card.  I already have an idea for one slot so I’m giving the choice of the final slot to you. Polls close on Wednesday July 21st.  So let your imaginations fly!!

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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