Sketch Card Sunday 6/16/2013

Hello Friends!

Ever learn about a character that you at first hated with a passion but then read a story that totally flipped your view and understanding of said character?

Well dear readers that happened to me with the character of X-23.

For those in the dark, X-23 (AKA Laura Kinney) is the daughter imperfect clone of Wolverine.  She has heightened senses & agility, a healing factor and claws laced with adamantium.  She was originally a side character created for the cartoon “X-Men: Evolution” and later brought into the comics proper as a runaway teen prostitute in the series NYX.

I was really against the character when I first saw her thinking that Marvel was just trying to make a girl-Wolverine or at least give something the Wolverine-Br’ahs to wank to.

But then came along miss Marjorie Liu with her run on the second volume of X-23’s solo series and the clouds parted and I really grew to love the character.  Now no disrespect to Christopher Yost & Graig Kyle but I think X-23 came into her own under the pen of Marjorie Liu.  Maybe it’s because Ms. Liu has a good understanding of teen characters or maybe because she’s an X-Fan Girl herself (or that she’s just a damn good writer) but either way her run on X-23 helped define the character a bit more and opened the character up to a wider audience.

Her run definitely changed my opinion on the character and to show my love I’ve decided to draw the character as the next sketch card.  Enjoy X-Fans!!


X-23 Sketch Card

Photoshop tweaked version
Photoshop tweaked version

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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