CON-nected pt. 2 (A Walk of Life prequel)

(For part 1 of this tale click here)

So we’re talking about when I first met Roy, huh? It was at some stupid charity event my father drug me and the fam to. This, of course, was before the intense hatred of my father boiled over.

The event itself was pretty boring; mostly rich people giving money to other rich people. I swear, now that I think about it, there was probably some money laundering going on.

The rich cunts!

My sister, Susan, was making her usual rounds talking to the high society “Mindy’s” and “Stephanie’s” while dodging the advances of the “Patrick’s” and “Clay’s”. Wait–come to think of it, I think Terry was there too!

Oh shit, he was! That’s right, he was there with…my…sister…

Don’t look at me like that, Terry was, IS, free to date whoever he wants. Anyway what was I talking about?

Oh right, so my family was off doing the socialite thing and I was over by the food. This blonde guy walks up to me and starts to try talking to me. He seemed cute enough but back then I wasn’t REALLY trying to date, but I was willing to give this guy the time of day.

Although in hindsight, with that devilish grin and piercing stare I should’ve known he was trouble.

See, Roy is….was….is….FUCK, I dunno he just…he got in. Like a nostalgic song you can’t get out of your head, I can’t get away from him.

I don’t, well not now in any case, love him (wait, did I ever?). Story of my life, I always get heart-broken by the men I’m supposed to trust…Dad, Roy…Terry, aw, hell!

Fuck, interview done, story over I don’t want to talk about them, him, ROY! I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT ROY ANYMORE! Jesus!!!


Hello, Friends!

Hm, looks like Sami’s a bit conflicted about her emotions there.  The story above is part 2 of a little prose piece I decided to write about the new character showing up in Episode 2 of Walk of Life.  I know I’m being cryptic but if I spilled the beans too soon it won’t be fun reading the issue now will it?

Now mind you I’m not a writer in the traditional sense so please bear with me if this seems a bit amateurish.  I hope you enjoy it and check back in a little bit for part 3!



‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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