Cartography Can Be Fun!

Hello Friends,

When creating worlds be it prose, comics or otherwise, it always helps to create maps or some kind of marker to help you with a story.  At times with talky stories, writers may just doodle where characters are in a room during a scene or for long sweeping epics, some writers may scribble out where a certain city is in relation to another.

Picture 1

As you can see from above I’m working on that now. As I work in InDesign to make the complied book of Code Basis, I’m working in Illustrator to make the map of the world that Ayako and Haruka are trying so hard to save.  I’m still in the beginning parts but I got a good feeling it’s coming along nicely.  When it’s done I hope if gives the reader a very good sense of the world Code Basis is set in.


‘Til Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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