Sketch Card Sunday 6/2/2013: The Return

Hello Friends!

You read that tile right, Sketch Card Sunday is back!  Well, kinda sorta….I am doing sketch cards again but not with the same amount of frequency (i.e. weekly), mainly because I’ve been a bit busy and this friggin’ heat that has gripped the east coast keeps zapping my energy.  I don’t have an A/C unit and I’m waiting until I get paid this week to pick up a fan. Luckily it’s going to rain soon so the temps will go down for at least a few days, so I should be able to get a few more things done without worrying about sweating over everything.

But now the moment you’ve been waiting for:

Stephanie Lives
Stephanie Lives

This card is of the 4th Robin (and 1st female one in normal Batman numbering), Stephanie Brown.  Steph was the girlfriend of then 3rd Robin, Tim Drake and the daughter of villain, Cluemaster.  She was a vigilante known as Spoiler and tried to be Tim’s partner on some of his missions much to Batman’s objections.  When Tim promised his dad that he would stop being Robin, Stephanie tried to step up and take Tim’s place but after disobeying the Bat on 2 missions, Bruce fires Steph and strips her of the title.

Hoping to get back into Bruce’s good graces, she tries to implement one of Batman’s plans to foil crime in Gotham but messes it up due to not having one key element and incites a city-wide gang war (the 2004-2005 storyline “War Games”).  In the ensuing chaos, Steph is kidnapped by Black Mask and “killed”.  Don’t worry, months later the kid comes back and through events becomes Batgirl III after Cassandra Cain steps down.

I hope you enjoyed the new card and the brief history on the character.  This card was done with Pen & Ink, COPIC marker and a little bit of Photoshop for the “R” logo and color touch-ups.

Personally I’ve always disliked Stephanie, but I did love her Robin costume design.  During her tenure, I think she did OK as a Robin.  Maybe if DC editorial gave writers more time to play with her she would have been able to grow more in that role and maybe break a few more boundaries.   Who knows….

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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