It’s about time…

Hello Friends,

After 6 years I’ve finally gotten up off my lazy ass and started the second chapter of Walk of Life.  If you read the last post that story does tie into this chapter (for this series we’ll call them “Episodes”) of course it’s mainly a flavor addition but it should help those who are invested into this series to get a better feel of the world and for Sami’s character.

What follows next is a little 3 page preview, similar to what I did with Code Basis 2, this should hopefully get you jazzed for what’s to come.  Enjoy!




With slice-of-life stories, one of the more difficult things is making sure all of the characters have a distinct voice and/or character tick.  For instance, Terry does always talk like a wigger whenever he’s lying or getting nervous and given Saori is not a native English speaker, she will sometimes forget articles (a, an and the) or slip in Japanese words for more complex idioms she may not know the translation for…..although how “black dudes” is a complex phrase for her I’ll never know.

In any case I hope you enjoy the little preview, leave a comment an let me know what you think.  God willing, I’ll have Episode 2 complete by July-ish? maybe August?, but either way this WILL be complete before NYCC ’13 and Detroit Fan Fair 2013.  And as for Code Basis 2, that will be up on Lulu soon, time’s been slipping away from me and I’ve been wanting to start getting my work up on other sites.  Bear with me dear readers, being essentially a one-man comic label is not and easy boat to direct.

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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