CON-nected pt. 1 (A Walk of Life prequel story)

A police rendered sketch…not too shabby if I do say so myself

My name is Roy Ma—, y’know my name isn’t all that important. Truth be told I’ve been in and out of Federal and International prison more times than I can count……..don’t ask. See, I’m what you would call a “con artist”. I gots me a silver tongue and I bet, no, I know I can talk you out of your knickers if I so wanted to.

You may ask yourself, “Roy, if you’ve been in prison so many times how are you able to move around so freely?” Easy! I make sure to keep a little insurance from each job. I’m not your usual con man. I only go after the big boys and in their world, they always have some little secrets that you can twist for leverage. Now occasionally you may get the smart bugger and find yourself on the wrong side of the iron wall (as I have, all too recently) but in other times you can play them like a cheap guitar.

Speaking of which this reminds me of this one sweet job I pulled in the American Midwest. I was 24 at the time and on parole (again pays to have that insurance) I decided to lay low in a city called Twilight Town. Quiet burg, kind of a little big city but they did have a yuppie social circle there and, well, me being the broke bloke I was at the time, I figured “Why not? Best to keep the muscles loose as they say.”

Doing what I do best, I was able to work my way into the Summer Under the Stars Charity event at the Pelican Lounge. I tell ya, the fat cats were out in full force that night. Blessed with the gift of gab, I was able to work out that George Vance, head of “adVANCEd Industries”, was there with his wife and two daughters. This guy had “mark” written all over him. But the true question was what would be my “in”? Given that this was a small-ish town, all these sad sacks probably knew each other to the letter. I was enjoying one of the hors d’oeuvres when it hit me!

I saw the youngest daughter looking as if she wanted to jump out of her skin and leave. And I knew that was the opening I needed…so I sauntered up to her and struck up a conversation.  This girl was…well, a bit annoying.  She had on eye shadow that would make a ‘coon (the animal!) do a double take.  Frizzy black hair and slight bushy brows.  She told me her name was Samantha but wanted to be called “Sami” because of blah-blah-blah I was kind of tuning in and out…..she wasn’t f-ugly, mind you, but you could tell fashion and general upkeep were the least of her priorities.

I could tell she was enjoying having me talking to her…I figured she never really talked to boys much.  Which added bonus points to my plan…y’see girls on the corner of “bleh” and “m’eh” will warm up to guys who tend to give them more of the time of day, practically giving them the keys to the kingdom.  But oh no mates I wasn’t gunnin’ for sex, this little teenie bopper reject was gonna be my big ticket to the biggest score of my career…….or so I thought…………..




What you just read is part of an event that happened before Sami runs away to Metro City.  This is not all of it as we’ll hear from the characters in their own words of how the con artist, Roy, affected their lives.

Who exactly is Roy? And what relation with he ultimately hold to Sami??  Stay tuned to find out….


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