Sketch Card Sunday 3/31/2013

Hello Friends,

And Happy Easter, hopefully for those of you that are religious, you were able to get pumped full of Christ love today. As for me I unfortunately have to work so I can’t sleep in and just veg out like I want to.

But I guess after being loaded on OTC medication for the past 2 days I can use the reconnection with humanity and not the flights of fancy that have been invading my Sudafed-addled mind. I really hate when I get suddenly sick because the first thing to go is always my throat. Luckily for yours truly, I’ve been able to battle back the sickness demon with a steady stream of tea w/lemon and the A-bomb of medications, Sudafed. So I am slowly getting back to normal. But luckily I was able to do another sketch card before I became totally KO’d…..enjoy!

Samantha "Sami" Vance
Samantha “Sami” Vance

As the caption shows this is an inked drawing of Walk of Life‘s main lead, Samantha Vance. I know it’s not as boom-bastic as the colored ones or even the cards of DC/Marvel characters but I hope I was able to A) show off a kind of mischievous look on her face and B) show a little more growth with my brush inking.

I hope you do enjoy the card, of course from the “likes” and the new followers these posts tend to generate I think you guys do and I truly thank all of you who enjoy and appreciate looking at my chicken scratches, haha.

In any case, enjoy the Easter, don’t OD on too many eggs and as always….

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty

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