Sketch Card Sunday 3/24/2013

Hello Friends,

It’s that time again and today’s sketch card is a pencil drawing of a couple in DC that sadly no longer exists.  Recently I’ve been re-reading the Outsiders series from the early 2000s and I gotta say it was a good series…at least the part of the series consisting of Nightwing, Arsenal, Thunder, Indigo, Grace and Shift.  And because of my new found love of this series I’ve decided to do a fan sketch of this Judd Winick series.

So without further ado…..

Indigo & Shift
Indigo & Shift

Indigo and Shift made for a good couple.  And for you youngins who don’t know this series, their relationship was a proto-Razer/Aya relationship from Green Lantern: TAS. All in all, I miss the both of them and yet, sadly, like Cassie Cain, Stephanie Brown and Wally West, these two characters are lost to the ether of DC lore…

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty


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