Mobile Bloggin’, Where U @??

Hello Friends,

“WTF-mofo?!” Is probably what a lot of you are wondering given this is week #2 and still no new reviews (or even an update on the Twin Tails Press comics).

Well many apologies dear friends, with MoCCA only a month and a half away yours truly has been plugging away at trying to finish Code Basis 2. As of right now page 12 is drawn and inked and now I’m lettering pages 8-12.

Honestly it’s not AS hard as it sounds but with my day job, job hunting and issues concerning family back home in Michigan I’ve been a bit on the stretched-thin side of things. But never you worry faithful reader, I’ve been through worse (like getting “detained” in Japan….story for another day, I promise).

In the meantime, let me leave you with some sketches to hold you over until I can do a true art dump post. Enjoy!!




Till Next Time
Stay Frosty


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