Cell Phone Blog

Hello Friends!!!

Today I’m mobile blogging and doing the Hipster thing of writing and drawing in a cafe (queue up the “Friends” theme).

I think I needed this though since this whole week has been a complete clusterfuck for yours truly.  I think it’s end of the year blues coupled with a minor case of creativity block.  Luckily a change of venue helped break the block in my head and now I have some new sketches to share with you dear friends!!

Devlin Dearborn sketch


Daphne Saginaw sketch


I hope you get a kick out of them. But if the quality is poor sorry about that, the camera on my phone is pretty shitty.

Well that’s all for now, enjoy the new sketches and if I can speed through it I may have a cool X-Mas gift for all of you.

Till Next Time,
Stay Frosty


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